Easy Windows Installer for CommonQt

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Easy Windows Installer for CommonQt

Post by cheryllium » Thu Feb 20, 2014 5:29 pm

After some trouble figuring out how to get CommonQt working on Windows, I thought I'd write an installer to automate this process (and save others some potential headaches). I used NSIS and wrote a simple installer for it. It (and more details about it) is located here: http://cheryllium.wordpress.com/2014/02 ... r-windows/

The source code has been posted with the executable, so you can see what you're running (and recompile it yourself if you wish to do that for whatever reason).

Lisp doesn't have a huge community compared to other popular languages like Python or Java. So I want to make tools like these to help the newbie dive into Lisp, in this case, to be able to make desktop applications quickly instead of getting caught up in the install process for a GUI library (as I was for a while).

Please let me know of any issues, concerns, comments, questions. I welcome feedback.

- cheryllium :D

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