jpgTOdcl, bmpToLISP, Upgrade vlisp TO VirtualC+Lisp

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jpgTOdcl, bmpToLISP, Upgrade vlisp TO VirtualC+Lisp

Post by d2010 » Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:47 am

You compress the images “JPEG or BITMAP “ to FAS .
You show the images “JPEG or BMP” in DCL dialog and lisp sources.
Last upgrade the “VLIsp” TO “VirtualC+Lisp” ... st_run.rar
You show the images in DCL dialog boxes
HomePage: lisp2arx forum
You can make the buttons with BMP picture in DCL dialog .
You can comvert math equations TO “lisp” ...
Downloading free&version, after you make user account.. ... ICK_HERE_/

bmp TO vlx
jpg TO vlx
txt To Lisp
dcl TO Lisp
sld TO html
sld To doc
bmp TO dcl
sld TO grdraw
lsp TO cpp
cpp TO lsp
math TO lisp
lisp TO math
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Re: New programming language for BrisCAD/BRX/ARX/Viisual LISP/LI

Post by nuntius » Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:02 pm

AFAIK, this is a tool that converts lisp to "C++LISP".

The following links seem to be a bit more descriptive. ... _language/

I have not tested any of this myself.

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