Armed Bear Common Lisp?

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Armed Bear Common Lisp?

Post by Pixel_Outlaw » Thu May 15, 2014 10:22 pm

I'm glad to see that somebody has taken the time to implement Common Lisp for the JVN.
One of the things that strikes me as difficult is properly handling the entire breadth of Common Lisp.
As much as I hate Java I suppose it is somewhat nice that we can use Common Lisp within its (very portable) virtual machine.

Given my experience with Java tending to cling to hundreds of megabytes of data before garbage collecting, I wonder how bad the GC can be on Armed Bear...
Common Lisp is less popular than C so it is important that somebody is at least willing to implement it.
Will there always be people willing to carry out the exact specification?

It takes a LOT of time to implement such a vast specification and I must commend the guys working on ABCL.
It sure would be nice to use CL on Android via SBCL.
No idea why the folks at Google just didn't go with GNU Linux so we'd have choice in programming languages...

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