Do I post too much? lol

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Do I post too much? lol

Post by g0blu324 » Tue May 15, 2012 4:04 pm

The map that my project deals with ... robbie.txt
My functions that deal with my problem
(defun look (direction loc)
(cdr (assoc direction (choices loc))))

(defun ValidMove(direction loc)
((eql nil (look direction loc))nil)
(t t)))

(defun move(direction)
((validmove direction loc)(setq loc (look direction loc)))
(t '(Ouch! Robbie hit a wall.))))


So here is what's going on. I made a "validmove" function to determine whether or not moving a direction from a location will lead to nowhere. Based on that, I made a move function to move to that location if that move can happen.

My problem: The "move" only works once at a time. If I do 2 move commands in a row, it says "Ouch! Robbie hit a wall." for any case. I'm guessing it has to do with the "(setq loc (look direction loc))) " in my move function, which makes sense. Everytime I comple the move function I need to do a "setq loc" to a room then do a move again. However, I do need loc to change once a move has been made to another room. So how can I fix this?

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