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Just joined

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2017 6:31 am
by peterlane
I just found this list, and joined as I've recently started again with Scheme.

I've been using Lisp and Scheme for quite some time, in teaching and for my own projects. I've always enjoyed the simplicity of Scheme. Lisp feels "gritty" to me, but also very practical. For various reasons, I've had a few years away from both and I see some things have changed.

The R7RS process seems to have settled down and there are quite a few implementations supporting the new standard, which is excellent. I've begun using Larceny as my chosen implementation, partly as it has a lot of srfis builtin.

Browsing through this forum I see that both Chez Scheme and Corman Lisp have been open sourced, which is great news. I've always wanted to try Chez Scheme.