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Some type of Intro

Posted: Thu Dec 25, 2014 5:49 pm
by porky11
I wanted to create a game, but didn't find a good language.
Every language is slow, complicated or Java.
When I found Lisp, I liked it, and it seemed really easy, but I didn't think, it would be good for large projects, becuase of his minimalism.
It is the only programming language I read books and other texts about, often not really related to (practical) programming.
Before I only used tutorials for learning.
I thought it'd be a good Idea to give the player a REPL as a easteregg or something.
That was also a reason for programming in Lisp.
Now I know Common Lisp enough to program almost everythin in it.
Sometimes I am not sure if lisp is a good choice for games, because some technical details cannot be decided manually (like if something is saved as pointer or inside a object).
Then I remember the cool Lisp Alien logos, which I would include into the game.
And there are also features I think I need for programming, that no other language has.
I often thought about better Lisps or better other languages, but they only became Lisp or some abstract trash.
Now I don't think anymore, CL is minimalistic. Its very wierd and somehow ugly (like the logo), but I recognized recently, that this isn't a bad thing.