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mercurial window

Post by porky11 » Mon Dec 15, 2014 2:22 pm

I made an account at bitbucket, where I uploaded a project.
now I am not sure, what to do next.
Will the people automatically come, and watch my things, and help if they want, or do I have to ask people.
It is a program to draw text-boxes in a window (to make text-based games etc.)
If you want to "help" me, here is the link to my profile

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Re: mercurial window

Post by nuntius » Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:36 pm

Building a project is part luck, with healthy doses of skill and effort.

Every once in a while an odd project becomes inexplicably famous or a good project is passed by.
Usually, fundamental reasons can be found.

Solid design, solving a common problem, providing a novel capability, engagement with a larger community, building a team, clear documentation, careful promotion, and long-term dedication are strong indicators of success.

It is often better, though less glamorous, to contribute to an existing project than to start a new one on your own.

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