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Hello lispers

Posted: Sun Jul 06, 2014 3:32 pm
by Windbear
Hi everybody

I am currently working as a C++ programmer, although I have a (much greater) preference for common lisp. I discovered the language at university but it wasn't part of my courses so I had to learn it on my own. The result is that I have a few holes in my knowledge of the language even if I have explored other aspects of it extensively, particularly CLOS. I have been pursuing a personal project for a long time now, which is to create video games in common lisp. I would like to develop 100% native common lisp games but I haven't found game orientated lisp libraries that I feel are commercial grade yet, so I have resorted to using CFFI with foreign libraries. Because of this I am pondering the idea of joining (or forming) an open source project to create a common lisp game engine that can rival something like Ogre.
In the meantime I am experimenting with small 2d and 3d game ideas. I am very much interested in procedural modeling, and I think common lisp is the perfect language for this.