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Looking for Lisp programmers

Post by icanfreelance » Sat Jul 12, 2008 6:21 pm

I need a Lisp hacker for an Open Source project. What you need is knowledge of:

* Common Lisp (SBCL)
* Linux (SBCL runs best on Linux)
* JavaScript

You need to download source code from this site to participate in this project:

I need someone who is able to see themselves what could be improved based on what's there already. The project is Open Source which makes this a bit easier. See the code and the examples. More UI widgets is certainly needed. Talk to me, suggest a feature or widget you'd like to work on and state your bid for that feature.

Some ideas for what could be added:

* tabbed pane widget
* resizable container/pane widgets
* multiline text-input widget
* rich text-editor/input widget
* dropdown-box widget
* other widgets?
* some more examples, perhaps

A real time charting widget is also needed. I'm thinking histogram and line chart. No plugin should be necessary on the browser end; use html canvas and/or svg.

You can find more info on this project at

http://www.icanfreelance.com/freelancer ... -t104.html

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