Errors wrapping OpenCV's vector<Rect> and detectMultiScale

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Errors wrapping OpenCV's vector<Rect> and detectMultiScale

Post by joeish80829 » Fri Apr 25, 2014 3:36 am

This takes a little bit of code to explain but I posted the code in gist and
notated it thoroughly

I'm writing a lisp wrapper for OpenCV c++ interface and my lisp code
wraps around c wrappers for the c++ so in my code used for testing there will
be my c wrappers and c++ OpenCV code intermixed.

Here is an example of what I can do in C
that I can't in Lisp, The code is notated thoroughly telling exactly whats going on. the
Lisp code is it too is notated thoroughly.
The question I'm asking hinges on the output of the detectMultiScale c wrapper for the c++
OpenCV function detectMultiScale here: ... multiscale

and how the output of detectMultiScale changes when wrapped in Lisp. That's why my code examples
are kinda long because it takes a few lines to set up being able to use detectMultiScale. Pls
let me know and I can supply more info such as my wrappers etc. or write this clearer

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