List processing tool, built for work

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List processing tool, built for work

Post by Pixel_Outlaw » Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:26 am

Here is a little tool I've been hacking on for work.
Get LTK and cl-ppcre via quicklisp before attempting to use.
Windows requires additional setup and is kind of a pain.

You can get the source from my Github repo.

It is mostly working...
On Windows I get an extra newline perpended to the scrolled-text boxes after preforming operations.
Regex is case sensitive when searching (is this really wrong?)
The count lines feature simply uses a newline character count (should blank likes be counted?)
Sorting has no concept of numerical value, it just uses string sorting where the sequence "10" ... "100" ... "50" is considered correct.
Hitting the x button on the built in LTK dialogs will hang the program (I'm writing my own to get around this). Does not apply to my custom dialogs.

It needs to be faster, we work with lists exceeding 10,000 elements at work. It will do it, but there is a pause. Probably due to my lazy (loop for... collect) with reassignment.


Everyone is welcome to hack this, make it better. Etc.

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