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Weblocks 0.8 released

Posted: Fri Nov 28, 2008 3:32 am
by skypher

Weblocks is an advanced web framework written in Common Lisp.

It is designed to make Agile web application development as
effective and simple as possible.

Weblocks uses powerful Lisp features like multiple dispatch, the
metaobject protocol, lexical closures, keyword arguments, and macros to
build abstractions that make web development easy, intuitive, and free
of boilerplate. In addition, control flow is easily expressed using

Things that are hard or mundane in other frameworks become easy and
fun in Weblocks.


People who want to get their real-life web programming done
as effectively as possible.

Weblocks is not only targeted at old hands but also at
newcomers to Lisp and Lisp web programming.

It offers a helpful community and code that prevents you
from shooting yourself too easily in the foot.


This release features tons of major and minor fixes, enhancements
and additions that are too numerous to list.

Highlights include a new dispatching system, substantial bug
fixes in the view system, a highly flexible dependency mechanism
and support for multiple web applications in one image.

More Information

well-tested on SBCL and Clozure. Partially tested
on CMUCL, Lispworks, AllegroCL, and OpenMCL.

Official site (with detailed installation guide):


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