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Re: Tree expression shortener; seperator

Post by Jasper » Wed Oct 15, 2008 11:06 am

Ok, i have been using lisp for a while, and have already 'embraced the parentheses'. I like the high level of whitespace in well indented with the syntax attractive. And if used well, it is very clear. And if done badly it will look bad, just like parentheses alone. Imo the only point of the code is to represent the tree, and this can do that. It isn't very complicated either.

I do not think i will use it though, at least i will convert every time it goes into a project, since if i do not want to inconvenience people when i share code. A smaller factor is the (a priory expected)remote chance of a problem two contexts in contact with each other both equally having 'rights' to the syntax.(As explained before) In such case, of course the developer could just choose, but in teams this might lead to whining about conventions.

I will probably look into paredit once i guess. However, i think for me, at least, dominant factors of the speed of development are psychological(motivation, etc) and actual solving of problems.

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