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Program to register products and save in a text file

PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 6:15 am
by zygor07
This week I have to make a program in Lisp that register a product by name, category and code, then save it in a .txt file.

The program must have a menu with options. The options are:
1. Create a product
2. Delete
3. Search by name
4. Search by category
5. Search by code
6. List sorted by name
7. List sorted by category
8. Save (must save in a txt. file using File I/O)

What I tried was create a list, then the user put the data (name, category and code). the program have to verify if the list already have the product, if doesn't, create it.
I don't how to use list functions, cause this is my first week learning this programming language, and my professor doesn't explain as well.
I need help to organize the list with products, cause I have no idea how to do search or list sorted by name or category. And I don't as well how to save in a txt file.