Data describing object locations

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Data describing object locations

Postby n3071956 » Thu Oct 23, 2014 9:44 am

I need help with the following question below and im new too this...

Data describing object locations is held in a series of lists of the form…
(object-id category super-category location)
(defparameter *obj-data*
‘((apple#3 apple fruit kitchen)
(mango#5 mango fruit kitchen)
(tom cat agent hallway)
(jerry mouse agent bedroom)

Write a function which takes three arguments (i) a super-category (ii) a location name (iii) a data
set and returns a nil/non-nil value (indicating false/true) indicating whether an instance of the
super-category can be found in the named location (NB: your solution will be better if the non-nil
values it returns are useful).
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