How to prepare for learning Lisp off-line?

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How to prepare for learning Lisp off-line?

Postby Malice » Fri Feb 21, 2014 6:38 am

Tomorrow I will go on trip to Italy. I will only have my laptop with elementaryOS 32-bit running. I will most likely have no Internet connection. I decided, that I would like to spend my free time there to learn Lisp.
I installed emacs, sbcl and slime, but I'm not really sure how sbcl works, and I'm worried that if I have to do something a little bit more complicated, I will require someone's help from web, and I won't have it there.
I've also found and downloaded 2 free lisp books - [Common Lisp - An Interactive Approach][1] and [Common Lisp - A Gentle Introduction To Symbolic Computation][2]. I hope that these will be enough.

I have C++ programming background, but with C++ it looks simpler to me - we have standard that defines what should compiler have, we have few compilers that are used most(G++, clang, MSVC++), and since I know how to compile, it isn't hard to me anymore. Also, for beginners, there are IDE that compile code for you. Lisp, afaik, has no defined standard. Also, I don't know it, so I don't really know how to compile its code.

Question is: what should I install to have it running there? What materials should I take to be self-sufficient? I would be glad if you could provide me with link to some tutorial on how to compile my first code - I want to test it before I go(simple "hello, world" would be sufficient).

Thanks in advance

[1]: ... onLisp.pdf
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Re: How to prepare for learning Lisp off-line?

Postby Akira22 » Mon Sep 15, 2014 3:47 am

Thanks for this great info.. Interested to read such type of articles.
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