Convert .DOC to lisp-generator..

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Convert .DOC to lisp-generator..

Postby d2010 » Wed Jun 26, 2013 12:23 pm

You can convert .DOC to LISP_R14-source generator.
(you do not link the autolisp with msword.exe)
You can compile .DOC to LISP_R14-source generator.
Eg1: i generate the file "output00-doc.doc" attached here.
You input the document MsWord, and you write the values:
[s=%VariabileName] for string variabile
[i=%VariabileName] for integer variabile
[g=%VariabileName] for real variabile
You run the programe LISP, and you will got .RTF or .DOC on disk.
You install the kitt from the addres, (please , before you make user account , and click again)
Thank you...
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